Design Leap is an output for exploring creative collaborative processes in the early stages of the architectural design process. It has been assembled by UK architect Matthew Hynam to examine how digital tools might be developed and used within the early stages of the design process to enhance architectural creativity. Within the context of this site architectural creativity has been defined as the collaborative processes that lead to moments of sudden illumination, which are often referred to as creative leaps.


  • Creative design is the careful balancing act between convergent and divergent thinking. Therefore creative design is neither standardised nor necessarily original. (How Designers Think, Lawson, B. 2006, p.153)
  • Creative Leap is the moment within the creative design process when a designer bridges a gap within an otherwise convergent process by engaging divergent thinking. The cognitive act appears not so much as a leap but as building a bridge between problem requirement and solution proposal. (Designerly Ways of Knowing, Cross, N. 2006)

Investigations to date have seen collaborations between built environment professionals and architectural students which have led to exciting and creative responses to architectural project briefs. We continue to look for new and exciting projects and participants. Please use the contact page to get in touch if you would like more information about how you might get involved.

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