Brutal object


Jonathan Mosley, Sophie Warren, Matthew Hynam

This was a short collaborative project with artists Jonathan Mosley and Sophie Warren to reproduce a lost brutal object from a series of photographs. The object in question was part of the Bristol and West Tower up until its remodelling into the Radisson Blu in 2003. Warren and Mosley

The intention of reproducing the object was to show, in a 3D dimensional form, the relationships between the different protagonists that were involved in the object’s life. The 3D printed wireframe form that resulted was used to cast shadows and show the network of those involved in the process.

Working from photographs of the original brutal object a series of orthographic sketches of each elevation were produced by Jonathan Mosley. These were then carefully mapped and translated into a 3D wireframe model by Matthew Hynam. A series of meetings were held at Spike Island to perfect the form of the 3D model before it was reproduced in a 3D printed form. The 3D printing process added a new level of detail, creating a serrated edge where the printing process struggled to replicate the spars which linked the various nodes within the frame together.