A short interview featuring architect, educator and Archigram founder Peter Cook on his 2016-2017 Retrospective exhibition at the Tchoban Foundation – Museum für Architekturzeichnung.

In the interview Cook talks about the importance of drawing within the design process. Drawing is more than a tool it is the extension of one’s head. It allows architects to learn, communicate and experiment in a way that is irreplaceable. Cook acknowledges how the computer has transformed architecture and allowed more complex forms to be built within the constraints of time and money. He however believes that drawing is still critical to the design process.

“The computer cannot escape doing things correctly and I think it is very important in architecture to also have the incorrect.”

Whilst the computer continually asks you to define what you are drawing in order for it to respond consistently with a sketch the spontaneity of the hand can result in a careful balance between waywardness and accuracy which are essential to thinking within the design process.