Leap app proposal

Matthew Hynam, Jonathan Mosley

The purpose of the leap app is to overcome creative blocks during the early stages of the architectural design process by shifting a user’s perception of an image. The app has the potential to manipulate images of both digital and analogue material including physical models. The included diagrams show the intended functionality and workflow of the proposed leap app.

  1. The user encounters a creative block
  2. The user opens the app
  3. The app instructs the user to take a picture of the block
  4. The app asks the user to perform an action on the phone such as shake, spin, slide, toss, nudge. This process would use the gyroscope inside the phone to register movement before proceeding.
  5. The app randomly adjust the view of the captured image. The adjustments have been deliberately selected to have similar properties to the existing creativity tools examined and include:
  • Slicing the image and reordering its segments
  • Rotating the image through 180 degrees
  • Pixelating the image
  • Changing the colours in the image
  • Zooming in on an area of the image

The app then allows the final image to be exported from the camera for printing and reinsertion back into the process.