Villa Savoye Wrong line weights Redrawn by Owen Duross

Eye-Con was a workshop run by the architects Norman Kelley with the intention to re-examine and rehearse visual deception through architectural drawing. The Eye-Con workshop got users to manipulate drawings by using the following analogue and parametric techniques:

Droste effect
The effect of a picture appearing within itself, in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear.

False shadow projections
The incorrect casting of shadows from a solid.

Incorrect line weights
The transformation of a line drawing with a set of line thicknesses that do not necessarily follow standard drawing conventions.

Reversible figurations
The reversing of black and white within a figure ground plan.

The outcome of the workshop is a set of drawings where participants have assembled a series of misappropriated drawing conventions and illusory devices with the title ‘I know something you don’t know’.

As with other techniques the Eye-Con would appear to allow the participant to transform an existing image through a series of analogue and digital techniques in order to find something new.