Design Research Exhibition & Symposium 2015

Matthew Hynam

The films produced for the design research exhibition have been set out within this project including a series of annotated extracted stills, they can also be viewed via the YouTube link below the images. These films along with an edited interview films form the content of the exhibition and are played across 4 screens. There is also a link is to my symposium presentation.

The films are simulations of each of the Leap! actions performed by the author. Each film is roughly 3min long and draws on the experience of testing Leap! over the course of the research. The films are supported by the author’s narration in order to convey the essence of each Leap! action. The films are by no means a definitive account of using Leap! but hope to give an insight to potential users on how they might be deployed within the architectural design process. The films show how Leap’s! random actions promote a multimedia environment and how the user might creatively instigate the process.

The editing of the films was inspired by Kyle Cooper’s credit sequence in David Fincher’s 1995 film Se7en. The credit sequence is cut with lots of close up shots that are dissolved together to convey the process of a serial killer obsessed with religion and attrition. The sequence is gritty and raw and gives a glimpse of the villain’s mind before the chase by the detectives commences. The arrangement of the Leap! films across multiple screens is carefully choreographed to visually convey the experience of switching media and achieving a leap! This is done by cutting the film so it appears on different screens at different points.